Lisbon Surf School

Carcavelos Surf School was the first surf school in Carcavelos beach, Lisbon, back in 2001.

The school was aimed to promote Carcavelos beach, and the teaching and practice of various sports activities related to the sea.

In order to initiate athletes in Surf and Bodyboard, Carcavelos Surf School develops its work on two levels: technical development and learning, with students of all ages, gender and technical knowledge (from beginner to regular and even pro surfers).

Surfing is one of the most complete and natural experiences known to man. If you never tried it, it’s time for you to surf! You’ll love it!

Surfing is a unique experience – your body in harmony with the ocean. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Guests of surfcamp may choose between:
One Class (with a duration of 2 hours each)
Beginners Package (duration +/-10 hours)
Intensive lessons Package (duration +/-20 hours)

Classes are taught by teachers who speak English.

Our surf School: